The Code of Ethics and Good Practice document is designed to help everyone to understand how we work together to protect and serve all our members, athletes, coaches, volunteers, family and staff members, anyone who works with our athletes. The document has been written in line with the requirements defined in the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport in Ireland (2000).


Special Olympics Ireland Code of Ethics outlines the fundamental principles and addresses issues relating to the roles and responsibilities of all people involved in the Special Olympics programme.  It aims to promote best practice and to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all.

Volunteer Guidebook provides each volunteer with information regarding their responsibility, the types of abuse and the relevant reporting structures.

Athlete Guidebook provides information for athletes regarding their responsibility, the types of abuse and what to do and who to speak with if they have a concern.

In addition, a flow chart which outlines the Support Structureavailable to you has also been developed.


To gain greater insight and education into your role, rights and responsibility it is recommended that you attend Sport Northern Ireland or the Irish Sports Council’s Code of Ethics and Good Practice, Basic Awareness Workshop. It is essential that the Athlete Protection Officer and Head Coach in your Affiliated Group attend this course at a minimum, but many volunteers, family members and staff have also found this course of immense benefit.

Training is offered by the Local Sports Partnerships or Sport Northern Ireland and dates and times of workshops are available from either bodies or from your regional Special Olympics office. A certificate of attendance is awarded, and participants must be 18 years of age.

For additional information regarding Code of Ethics and Good Practice contact Muireann Ni Riain (Tel: +353 1 869 1615)