“I just love athletics, making friends and being involved”

“It’s great exercise, I keep fit, I love making new friends and travelling”

“Playing soccer…like my heros”

“Having the courage to speak in front of people”

“Making friends from other clubs all over Ireland”

“I love ALPS and being asked our opinion makes me feel such a huge part of Kerry Stars”

“Kerry Stars is a club all about me, away from my family”


Coaches Quotes:

“Positive atmosphere, rewarding, life-changing”

“As a coach you receive more than you give”

“Watching the athletes change from being shy to being confident”

“Love watching them strive to reach their potential”


Parents Quotes:

“Only for the Kerry Stars my son would be at home”

“A place where my daughter can make friends”

“Words cannot describe what Kerry Stars means to us as a family”